Specializing in importing Mexican Spirits like Tequila, Sotol and Mezcal

We are an independent importing/distribution company focused on small boutique brands of Mexican spirits. We import Sotol, 100% agave Tequila and Mezcal. Tequila has come a long way from the salt, lime shoot mentality. It has evolved into a refined spirit with unique flavour and complexity that rivals any other spirit. These flavors are meant to be enjoyed by sipping and savouring tequila, not shooting it.

Mezcal is a smokey cousin of tequila, that has been around before tequila, and is still growing. Sotol is not from agave, but from the sotol plant of Northern Mexico. It’s taste is unlike anything else you have tasted.

We are determined to help introduce the variety of these spirits to New Zealand by importing only the finest sotol and 100% agave boutique tequila and mezcal brands we can find. To introduce you to these brands we are capable of hosting proper tastings, private events, staff training and restaurant/bar consultation involving this lovely spirit of Mexico. Check our “events and services” tab for a listing of our current events.

We have personally tasted the brands we import and weren’t swayed by huge marketing dollars or flashy campaigns to carry them. We enjoyed all of them before we considered carrying them. Great, quality tequilas, sotols and mezcals are what get our attention!

We have five brands. Tequila Alquimia, T1 Tequila Uno and JLP The President’s Tequila are our tequila brands. We also import Don Cuco Sotol and Sacacuento Mezcal. All are small, boutique brands with their own unique characteristics and have never before been brought into New Zealand. We’re quite proud of the diversity in our current range, and are excited to share them with kiwis everywhere.

If you are a bar, restaurant or other supplier and are interested in our Mexican Spirits please contact us for wholesale information and pricing. If you are just an avid tequila aficionado like we are and want to know where to purchase our tequilas, you can now order online from The Whisky Shop at www.whiskyshop.co.nz. They ship anywhere within New Zealand.

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